War Thunder Au F.1: Fire! Fire! Fire!

War Thunder Au F.1: Fire! Fire! Fire!
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The French 155mm Au F. 1 SPG built on the chassis of the AMX-30 main battle tank and features an autoloader with 36 round mechanized ammo rack! Au F. 1, SPG, France, rank VFeatures:


Timed fuse shells Huge automated ammo rack High rate of fire High profile Mediocre protectionIn the La Royale update, the Au F. 1 self-propelled gun will become a new French vehicle at research rank V.


The huge turret accommodates a long 155 mm gun with an autoloader and mechanized ammo rack for 36 (sic! ) rounds, which provides a rate of fire of just 7. 5 seconds per shot!


The Au F. 1 lacks armor-piercing shells and the player starts researching the vehicle with high-explosive fragmentation rounds that contain 6. 8 kg of TNT.


This is a quite effective weapon that often leads to the destruction of the crew by the overpressure and almost always heavily damages enemy modules.

However, after researching the time fuse shells the Au F. 1 reveals new combat opportunities.

These rounds feature more powerful explosives and detonate above the roof of the tower or engine compartment of enemy vehicles, which are always protected much weaker than the front and sides.

The rangefinder is of great use here, it is time to master it, if you haven’t before.

Au F. 1 is built on the chassis of the AMX 30 tank and has good speed characteristics for its dimensions, but if we talk about survivability, then these same dimensions become the main drawback of the vehicle.

The massive breech of the gun, a huge ammo rack for large-caliber shells, the autoloader and crew seats require a lot of space.

The Au F. 1's turret is truly gigantic, while being protected only from shrapnel and partly from autocannon fire. The Au F. 1 is difficult to hide and very difficult to survive under enemy fire.

You can research the charismatic and dangerous Au F. 1 self-propelled gun in the next major War Thunder update called La Royale.

In the meantime, we will continue to introduce you to the most interesting news of the upcoming update. See you soon!


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