Black Friday Bundles - This Week In RuneScape

Black Friday Bundles - This Week In RuneScape
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This week we look at Black Friday deals, 2022 Christmas merch and what's next for Fresh Start Worlds, post-Competitive Period!


Black FridayNew bundles are making their way into the Marketplace today, including Bank Boosters (with a new Bank Space limit! ), Aura Bundles and more. Hey, it's Friday somewhere!


Eventually. In about four days' time.


Here's what you can get:Bank Booster Bundle - 7 BondsNeed more of that sweet, sweet space in your Bank?


Our first pack has you covered - 5x Bank Boosters that provide 50 spaces each, for a total of 250 more Bank Spaces.


If you're at max limit, it's also good news - you've asked us for more Bank Space, and this new Bundle brings the limit up by 250 Bank Spaces too!


Available indefinitely in the main game (Ironman included) and Fresh Start Worlds.


Premium Aura Bundle - 5 BondsGet all three of the Auras (Mahjarrat, Desert Pantheon and Dwarven Instinct) for a 2 Bond discount compared to purchasing individually!


Available in the main game (Ironman included) and Fresh Start Worlds from November 21st until December 4th (23:59 Game Time)


Calista Legendary Pet & Growth Surge Bundle - 6 BondsGet Callista and enough Growth Surge to make them fully grown instantly! From kitty-cat to fearsome feline in a split second.


Rawr! Available in the main game (Ironman included) and Fresh Start Worlds from November 21st until December 4th (23:59 Game Time)


TzTok-Ak Legendary Pet & Growth Surge Bundle - 6 BondsGet the ever-popular TzTok-Ak Legendary Pet and enough Growth Surge to make them fully grown instantly!


The little lizard will become a mighty companion in moments. Available in the main game (Ironman included) and Fresh Start Worlds from November 21st until December 4th (23:59 Game Time)


Keepsake Keys & Dyes - 1 BondA limited-time Bundle available from November 21st until December 4th (23:59pm) . Repeat purchases are possible.


Get 2 Keepsake Keys, 1 Prismatic Dye and 1 Chameleon Dye for less! Available in the main game (Ironman included) and Fresh Start Worlds.


We'll also be discounting a whole host of other stuff across the Marketplace and Solomon's Store to get on that Black Friday vibe! Cue sleigh bells and a ho-ho-ho because the Christmas lines are here!


Get into the festive spirit by treating yourself to some new merch – er, sorry, adding them to the gift list for other people. Yeah.


First up is 2022's Xmas Jumper, and this time a festive Gnome Child takes centre stage!

The Father Gnome Child Xmas Jumper also boasts a colourful pattern of Party Hats, crackers, snowballs, scarves and trees. Perhaps you're somewhere a little warmer this festive season?

Don't worry, we've also got some new tees showing off some of Gielinor's most popular tourist destinations.

Take a nostalgic trip to Lumbridge, scare yourself silly at Draynor Manor, soak in the sun on Karamja or wrap up warm (and fight for your life) on White Wolf Mountain.

And if you fancy warming up with a lovely cuppa tea (or a more grown-up beverage), we’ve also got ceramic tankards bearing the Jolly Boar Inn's logo!

Finishing up, we've got some Limited Edition Santa Pins and Party Hat keyrings, plus a gorgeous Limited Edition Black Knight pin, all from the fantastically talented Angels Scapes.

As an extra special Black Friday offer, anyone spending over £40/$48/€46 on the store gets a Black Party Hat keyring for free!

If you're looking for an early present or perhaps a stocking filler or two, make sure to head on over to the store.

Head here to find out more about all of the above and a bunch of other lines we've restocked. The Competitive Period of Fresh Start Worlds is over!

Congratulations to our World's First winners and the prestigious Top 100 Competitive Period Leaderboard superstars. Enjoy repping that mighty fine Competitive Halo, which will be with you shortly.

We'll confirm the champions in a later post.

With the Competitive Period over, Treasure Hunter and other paid features (such as full Premier Club bonuses) are now available in FSW for the remaining eight weeks.

There's still plenty of good XP on offer for the rest of the event – whether you've yet to jump into FSW as a returning player or you're already in there, gains are still ahead of you!

Here's this week's bonuses in full:Changed from last week: +140% XP (skills below level 70).

Changed from last week: +70% XP (skills above level 70). Continuation of Free Deaths.

20% chance to double a monster or boss drop. 40% chance to double gathered materials.

Tier 5 Auras unlocked. +100% Accuracy in combat.

Garden of KharidAdded Polletix to the NPC Contact spell so you can ask about the Garden of Kharid's daily seed from remote locations.

Weeded herb patches now have a configure option that players with Plant Power can use to set the default number of seeds they plant in a patch.

Adding multiple items to Compost Bins will now prompt the player for quantity, allowing players to place multiple items at once. Farming stores now sell bucket packs.

Papa Mambo now stocks five Vine Herb Seeds in his store, up from two. Instantly harvesting herbs via the Farming Skillcape effect will now display more clearly the amount of herbs gained.

A secret hidden within the Garden of Kharid has had its defense requirement removed. . . I wonder what that could be?

Reduced the amount of thieving XP you get from pickpocketing Crux Eqal Knights, bringing them in line with other Thieving training methods.

Updated the description of Patch Bombs to state that it will harvest a maximum of 75 crops. Diseased Spirit and Elder Trees no longer mention that the patch may die.

Fixed some typos when speaking to Polletix, and within the Garden of Kharid Reward Store.

GeneralHotfixed: Players can now convert Protean Essence into other Proteans and vice-versa, and they can now be selected from Protean Packs.

The new Master Max Cape can now be placed in the Player-Owned House cape rack. Re-added the missing blocking to a wall at the Champions' Guild.

Ulthven Necromancers and Cloaked Zealots found in The Shadow Reef no longer shoot spells from their feet.

Taraket's minion/skeleton spawns now play their death animation when Taraket is killed, instead of disappearing instantly.

Players no longer disconnect when trying to remove an enchantment at the Goebie Blacksmith on Mazcab. An extra, empty line was deleted from Statius's Warhammer's Smash skill description.

Greater Barge will no longer sometimes increase melee attack range when using the legacy combat mode.

Removed some clunkiness from Greater Barge:The Greater Barge buff is no longer lost if players click a target. Fixed some issues that prevented Greater Barge from working correctly if queued.

Updated all references from 'Aviantese' to 'Aviansie' across RuneScape. Fixed a typo when completing an Elite Dungeon in Story Mode.

Updated the reward text for the Observatory quest. Fixed a typo in Veldaban's dialogue during the King of the Dwarves quest.

Talent Scouts now correctly recognise Inverted Agility capes. Tool Leprechauns no longer note Calquat saplings.

Community ShowcaseNeed new cape ideas? @Sir Spriggan has you covered with these stellar themed capes.

Amascut's ideas are looking very interesting right now. . . Elvarg by @Legend_Arts – behold the scourge of Crandor in all her terrifying glory!

@SnowyRune continues their series of beautiful pixel art with all the Elite and God War dungeons as flags! RunetubeYouTube™ Video: I Spent 1800 Hours In Runescape 3 To Max My Account |

Mad Maxxed Full SeriesViews: 1, 492The entire journey of mad max in all its glory my very own runescape MOVIE! is complete! 4 hours of entertainment!

Merch store: https://shop. spreadshirt. com/laser-shark/ Twitter:.

. . @lasersharks invites you to watch their road to Max in this nearly four-hour epic movie.

YouTube™ Video: Telos (1008% Enrage) w/ 1 DefenceViews: 7, 899We're starting a new series of kills where I do bosses with 1 Defence on a different account!

First up for now is 1000% Telos, where I'll be going for 4000% on 1 Defence. @EvilLucario continuing his crusade against the forces of PvM this time with just 1 Defence!

YouTube™ Video: Loading. . . Views: 0@rsbandb sat down with Mod Pebble this week to discuss accessibility in RuneScape!

YouTube™ Video: Loading. . . Views: 0@SilencedRS has some tips if you're working on your Slayer goals this week!

Scaper's ScreenshotsAWeeRedPanda had to match their fashion to keep up with their gorgeous pet! DarkWinx's adventure senses must be tingling. . . .

"What big eyes you have" says Oh Lily to Granny Potterington. Or more likely, "Beans please.

"Pink Skirts Player EventsEach week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join.

Here are the main events this week:Town Square Q&AHosted by: Lynxlynx & SaphhirraDate/Time: Monday November 21st, 20:15 GametimeWorld: 3Location: Varrock West BankNex - Angel Of DeathHosted by: Pippyspot & Boss GuildDate/Time: November Friday 25th, 20:00 GametimeWorld: 88Location: God Wars Dungeon - Ancient PrisonFC: Boss GuildStealing CreationHosted by: Lady Spyra, Thundercats, and Fast SCDate/Time: November Saturday 26th, 22:00 GametimeWorld: 99Location: Stealing Creation LobbyFC: Fast SCIf these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here.

There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy! - The RuneScape Team


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