Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Content Drop - Rejects Unite + Patch 10 OUT NOW!

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Content Drop - Rejects Unite + Patch 10 OUT NOW!
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Here are the patch notes for Patch 10 Rejects Unite, which just went live on Steam and will be available shortly on the Microsoft Store.


New FeaturesArchivum SycoraxWe are sending you into Habzone HL-19-24, "Throneside, " to break into Archivum Sycorax.


We suspect the Heretics have been getting help from inside the hive, and we believe there's sensitive information in there that could prove that.


Ascension Riser 31The Heretics are transferring a consignment of Prismata Crystals to their allies in the Hive.


Head into the bowels of the Transit Hub HL-16-11, "Chasm Terminus, " to intercept and seize the shipment before they can complete the transfer. Chaos SpawnSay hello to an old f(r)iend:


The Chaos Spawn has now been added to the enemy population! We added our fourth Monstrosity to the game, the Chaos Spawn.


The Chaos Spawn is a frenzy Monstrosity.

While it's not as tanky as the Plague Ogryn or the Beast of Nurgle, it has fast attacks and erratic behaviour combined with a grab attack that heals the Chaos Spawn if not interrupted.

Fans of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will see a familiar foe but don't be fooled into thinking you recognize everything about this Chaos Spawn. . .

Some differences include a new leap attack to close distances faster, new combo animations to reinforce the erratic frenzy theme, tweaked existing attack animations to reduce some of the fast damage timings, and new grab animations to fit our Ogryns.

Community EventsWe will also be kicking off our first of three Community Events in which the community will need to complete challenges in order to unlock rewards.

You will be able to see any progress made towards each challenge on our website and on the Darktide Launcher, once a goal has been hit then the rewards will be available to all players!

The first two rewards (a tattoo followed by a helmet) will be able to be redeemable through the Darktide Account Dashboard similar to the Warhammer Fest cosmetics.

Ascension Riser 31 will be the reward for the third challenge, which will be to complete 900, 000 missions.

Playing on higher difficulties will help you reach the goal faster, with sedition providing a 1x bonus, Uprising 2x, Malice 3x, Heresy x4, and Damnation 5x to any points acquired.

Once this goal has been reached the mission will be unlocked in game for all players.

The CommissaryShipmistress Brahms, disappointed by your rag-tag attire, has decreed that the Commissary be made available to all members of the Warband.

It is located opposite the Commodore’s Vesture on the port side of the Mourningstar.

The Commissary will have a selection of Operative and Weapon cosmetics for sale, which can be acquired for the cost of Ordos Dockets.

Operative CosmeticsThe Commissary now has all Operative Cosmetics available for purchase with Ordos Dockets, new items have been made available, and existing items previously sold at the Armoury Exchange have now been moved to the Commissary.


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