DayZ: DayZ Wipe Announcement 1.13

DayZ Wipe Announcement 1.13
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Hello survivors!

We kicked off the summer by entering into the experimental phase with Update 1.13.

As mentioned in a previous article at the start of the year, Update 1.13 will come with fresh Loot spawns on Official. That means we’ll be conducting complete wipes (all characters, items, vehicles, bases etc) on our official servers on release day. We don’t have an exact date set in stone yet, but we’re hoping the update and wipe will occur around the middle of July. Like the previous wipe, we'll be increasing the occurrence of helicopter crash-site events with high tier loot on all official servers in the days leading up to the wipe. This will start from July 2nd and run up until the update releases.

To clarify, this wipe is only happening on Official servers, Community server owners can decide to wipe at their own discretion.

Please note that we won’t be doing these wipes with every game update, though we do want to ensure there’s an ending and a new beginning every once in a while. We intend to synchronize wipes and server take-downs with updates to keep the impact on our active player-base as little as possible.

We’ll also be shutting down a number of official servers (you can see the full list of affected servers below). We’ve been seeing more and more players migrate from Official to Community and we’d like to merge the less populated servers together. Furthermore, most of these servers were a temporary measure meant to run parallel to sales / promotional periods.

One final note: we’ll be adding temporary servers for capacity during peak times. This is to ensure overall stability for the player base.

We hope you like what we’ve teased so far with Update 1.13. We’ve been overwhelmed by your helpful feedback and really appreciate your involvement as a community!

Link to support Article and List of affected Servers:

On behalf of the DayZ team, Scotty


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