Dead by Daylight Welcomes The Season of Fear!

Dead by Daylight Welcomes The Season of Fear!
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Horror lovers rejoice, it’s your time to shine. Halloween season, where it’s not a success unless the fear is flowing through you.


Celebrate the spookiest month of the year in Dead by Daylight.


We’re bringing plenty of treats – and a few tricks – including adrenaline-pumping gameplay challenges, an exciting Event, a wickedly macabre Tome starring The Ghost Face and Mikaela Reid, and much more.


Take a look at everything we've prepared this Halloween season: HAUNTED BY DAYLIGHT The Haunted by Daylight Event begins on October 13th 11 AM ET, and with it comes a new Event Tome.


An arcane mystery known as Void Energy has appeared throughout The Fog. Seek it out and deposit it in Unstable Rifts to unlock 12 Halloween-themed Cosmetics for both Killer and Survivor.

TOME 13: MALEVOLENCE Plummet into the devious mind behind the mask. Discover what keeps a horror aficionado up at night.

Tome 13: MALEVOLENCE offers glimpses into the memories of The Ghost Face and Mikaela Reid, shining a light on their lives before The Fog.

Progress through the Free Track and Premium Track of The Rift to unlock a wealth of Cosmetics, including Outfits for The Ghost Face, Mikaela Reid, The Artist, and Yui Kimura.

We’re happy to confirm that the Free Track will now include a total of 500K Bloodpoints, which ensures that every tier will earn players a new reward.

You’ll also be able to unlock four new masks for The Ghost Face, including one that really highlights his macabre sense of humor – the Wassup mask.

The winners of our latest Community Outfit Contest will also be available to unlock on the Free Track of the Rift: Outfits: Yui Kimura’s Midnight Techwear designed by AIPHELIX, and The Artist’s Fallen Angel designed by AspriinDbd.

Charms: For Killers – Have You Seen This Horse? by PotatoGun13. For Survivors -- Bloodpoint Gummies by Maomi.

We’d like to thank all the amazing and talented community designers who participated, and congratulations to the winners! HALLOWEEN COLLECTIONS

A few costumes are basically mandatory during Halloween, and the limited-time Tricks and Treats Collection has you covered with 2 new Very Rare Outfits for Jane Romero and Dwight Fairfield – Hollywood Glamor and Toilet Paper Mummy.

We’ll let you guess whose costume is whose.

On the Killer side, we’re adding 2 Very Rare Outfits to the Hallowed Blight Collection for The Oni and Albert Wesker, The Mastermind – Bursting With Fury and Blighted Wesker.

Add them to your collection now, available in the Dead by Daylight in-game store.

If you missed it, now’s your chance to pick up last year’s Midnight Grove Collection, which includes 2 Very Rare Halloween Outfits:

Mikaela Reid – Witching Hour The Doctor – The Transplant Both the Tricks and Treats Collection and Midnight Grove Collection will be available from October 11th 11 AM ET to November 3rd, 11 AM ET.

QUALITY OF LIFE UPDATES As first announced during our 6th Anniversary Broadcast, we’re bringing several new Quality of Life updates into Dead by Daylight, with several centring around The Archives.

Here are all the QoL features and new additions you can expect from this update:

Progress beyond Tier 70 of the Archives and earn new Deep Rift Outfits, variations of new Outfits exclusive to The Rift. Preview full Outfits directly from the Rift.

Related Outfits and Charms are now positioned closer together on the Rift, allowing you to unlock full Outfits faster.

Select 2 active Archive Challenges simultaneously – either 1 for Killer and 1 for Survivor or 2 universal. No more heading back to The Archives every time you switch roles.

A new and improved Archive layout, for a more seamless experience. HALLOWEEN SALESHalloween has come to Dead by Daylight, and so begins the frightening and festive Haunted by Daylight Event.

Experience tense gameplay challenges, unsettling atmosphere, chilling cosmetics to unlock, a brand-new Event Tome, and much more.

In celebration of this wonderful time of the year, we’re offering sales up to 60% off on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Depending on where you play, you may have discounts on the base game, select DLC Chapters, Expansion Packs, and more. Check out your platform’s store for specific details.

FREE-TO-PLAY WEEKEND For many, fear is better with friends.

There’s no better time to invite your crew into The Fog than Halloween weekend (October 27th to November 1st), when Dead by Daylight will be free-to-play on all Platforms.

We get it – October has that eerie quality about it. The nights are a little longer, the air is a little colder, and there’s that unspoken drive to consume all things horror.

With that in mind, Dead by Daylight is the perfect place to spend All Hallows Eve. See you in The Fog, The Dead by Daylight Team


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