"Have I told you what madness is?": Far Cry 3 turns 10

"Have I told you what madness is?": Far Cry 3 turns 10
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Already on November 29, Far Cry 3 will be 10 years old. According to many fans, the best part of the series was released in 2012, and on the eve of its anniversary, Ubisoft released a special video.

In the presented 7-minute video, fans and developers shared their memories of the iconic game for the franchise, which influenced all Ubisoft studios and even third-party shooters who borrowed some game elements from it.

It is impossible not to recall the main villain of Far Cry 3, who could not be eclipsed by any antagonist from the subsequent games of the series.

This, of course, is about the pirate leader Vaas Montenegro, who was brilliantly played by actor Michael Mando. He can also be seen in the TV series "Better Call Saul".

For a limited time, players can purchase Far Cry 3 with a 90% discount.

Now there is also an 85% discount on the Far Cry 6: Insanity supplement featuring the cult antagonist of Far Cry 3 Vaas Montenegro in the Ubisoft store.

To date, the shooter Far Cry 3 is available on all current platforms.


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