DEAD CELLS Hotfix is live - fixing Mac crashes, Steam Deck save issue, softlock in DLC

DEAD CELLS Hotfix is live - fixing Mac crashes, Steam Deck save issue, softlock in DLC
Published by 10 Mar, 2023 0 likes

Hi everyone, Hope you've been enjoying the Return to Castlevania DLC!

No rest for the wicked, the devs have been hard at work fixing some issues that came up with the DLC release and we've just released a hotfix to address a decent chuck of them:Major Crash fix for Mac Fix steam deck save issue - This shouldn't have been a save wipe situation, but a save lock situation, so your saves should be OK.

If you're still having problems let us know

Fix parallax rendering on Castle's Outskirts Fix softlock on Dracula's Castle for players without spider runeMinorFixed the Katana cancel technique being wrongfully removed from the game.

Fixed a crash when loading a very old save. Fixed random crashes in Richter Mode when using certain affixes.

Fixed Richter Mode Vania-moves disappearing when trying to sell them. Fixed a softlock in Castle's Outskirts when teleporting through a door with Snake Fangs.

Fixed Medusa's Head clipping through walls. Fixed World Map vibrating up and down in certain resolutions.

Fixed random crashes on the title screen. Fixed a random crash when blocking an attack.

Fixed Legendary Items spawning in biomes where loot is disabled. Fixed Queen's reflected items not having the proper trail color.

Have a great weekend and let us know if you've noticed anything else that needs fixing! Cheers, Matt, EE & MT Official Discord Official Reddit Motion Twin Twitter Dead Cells' Facebook Wiki


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