Necrom add-on for The Elder Scrolls Online has been announced

Necrom add-on for The Elder Scrolls Online has been announced
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On the night of January 25-26, Microsoft, Bethesda Publishing house and ZeniMax Online studio held a presentation dedicated to the near future of The Elder Scrolls Online MMO.


The focus was on the new Necrom add-on. By tradition, during 2023 the game will receive four major additions, combined in the season Shadow over Morrowind ("Shadow over Morrowind").


The beginning of the adventure will be given by the DLC Scribes of Fate ("Scribes of Fate"), which will add two new dungeons to the game: Scrivener's Hall and Bal Sunnar.


The add-on will be released on March 13 on PC and Mac, and on March 28 it will reach the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.


The main dish will be the Necrom supplement, which will allow players to return to Morrowind. The Telvanni Peninsula, located in the eastern part of the province, will be available for research.


There is also the famous "City of the Dead" - Necrom. According to the plot, the players must help the Daedra Prince Hermeus the Sea.


Unknown intruders are trying to steal the secrets of the Prince of Knowledge. That is why the addition will include the location of the Apocrypha - the Oblivion plan, controlled by Hermeus More.


The main innovation of the DLC will be the new Arcanist class (Wizard).


Such a character uses runes and ancient folios in battle, and when using certain skills, Essence points will be generated, which, when used, will enhance the hero's abilities.


The DLC will also include two new companions, new dungeons, equipment sets, and so on. Necrom will be released on June 5 on PC and Mac, and on June 20 on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.


The developers will share their plans for the third and fourth additions later in 2023.



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