War Thunder Planned Battle Rating changes, January 2023

War Thunder Planned Battle Rating changes, January 2023
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Based on collected feedback regarding ground vehicles, we have decided to make additional changes that consist of transferring some of the top and pre-top ranked vehicles to a higher level.

This change does not apply to all top ranked vehicles.

Based on the results of the change in performance efficiency, further adjustments to the BR (increase or decrease) will be carried out for units affected by the change and also for units that also haven’t changed rating at that time.

It has also been decided to abandon some of the points regarding the reduction of BR in AB for vehicles with HEAT shells with high penetration at their rank.

Except for the Ikv 103 for which the high penetration of the HEAT shell at a relatively high rate of fire for similar guns is compensated with poor ballistics, insufficient protection and mobility.

The alternative to changing the rate of fire of the Type 69-II G was to increase its BR to 8. 7, the current efficiency of the unit is much higher than the efficiency of similar vehicles at the same rank (for example it exceeds the efficiency of the Swedish Strv 121).

The BR of the Type 69-II G decreased in May from 8. 7 to 8. 3 and the return of the old BR is currently not advisable as the decrease of fire rate will allow this vehicle to remain at its current BR.

Since the game session creation system in aircraft SB is different from other game modes, changes in aircraft SB require additional research and statistical collection.

Changes in this game mode will be announced separately.



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