SCUM - 0.85 leftovers & SCUM League announcement

SCUM - 0.85 leftovers & SCUM League announcement
Published by 15 May, 2023 0 likes

Hey hey all, it's Monday and you're expecting a Dev update.


Bad news is no dev update this week, good news is below you will find all the bug fixes and QoL changes that did not find their way in the patch notes for 0. 85.


Oh and a special announcement from the SCUM League. Fixed the bug where sometimes the number of remaining lockpick usages would double inside the lockpicking minigame.


Fixed the issue where lockpicking items could be used by multiple players at the same time. Fixed wrong item descriptions and captions.

Fixed the issue where bow draw weight would not save correctly in Single player. Fixed the bug where you could damage BB elements with GLs inside zones that prevent BB damage.

Fixed the issue where if both local and global chat were disabled on the server it would cause a client crash.

Fixed the bug where lockers, when force unlocked, would gradually spawn items with lower health until server restart, resulting in items spawning with 0% health.

Fixed the bug where logging out while resting on the lower bunk bed would cause character death on login. Fixed the bug where dial lock combinations would not save correctly on non BB doors.

Fixed the bug where items would disappear if put into hands while on ladder. Fixed the bug where BB wall cost would sometimes be wrongly calculated.

Fixed the issue where both success and failure messages would show on lockpick minigame in SP. Fixed the bug where you could accidentally check a Dial lock combination twice in a row.

Fixed the bug where you could place multiple upgrades on the same BB element at once. Fixed the issue where you could build a flag inside other BB elements.

Fixed the client crash when you would enter event/teleport from Killboxes. Fixed the issue where sentries would despawn when entering photo mode.

Fixed the issue where animals would not rotate their sight perception as their head would turn.

Fixed the issue where flare gun cartridges would sometimes clip through terrain hence not be seen in vicinity. Fixed the issue where you could not rest on bedrolls on some terrains.

Fixed the bug where you could build brick floors with basic Engineering. Fixed the issue where "Basic injury" could still occur.

Fixed the issue where you could not treat players in prone position. Fixed the issue where cargo drops and killbox spawners would not correctly spawn designated items.

Fixed the issue where sentries would sometimes walk outside of their patrol area. Fixed the issue where foundations would receive more damage than other BB elements of the same tier.

Fixed the bug where install wheel interaction was appearing when car was not on car jack/lift. Fixed the bug where mechanic could not install car battery on wolfswagen.

Fixed the issue where the camera could clip through walls when using a larger FOV value. Fixed the issue where in some cases you could not lock prefab houses.

Fixed the bug where lockpicking minigame would randomly kick you on failure. All non poisonous and non hallucinogen mushrooms will now create repulsion when eaten raw.


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