SEA OF THIEVES Season Eight Community Day Set for February 11th

SEA OF THIEVES Season Eight Community Day Set for February 11th
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While it might be a little too late to wish you all a Happy New Year, we can definitely wish you a Happy February – and with it, the arrival of another Sea of Thieves Community Day.


This Valentine’s Day-tinted community celebration is one to slink straight into your sailing schedules, with the proceedings kicking off at 10am UTC on Saturday, February 11th and lasting a full 24 hours.


While Season Eight’s brilliant new Battle for the Sea of Thieves feature might be a little bit fighty, we’ve carved out this day as a special 24 hours of showing you, our amazing community, some love.

And how are we going to do that, you may ask? Well, we’re about to tell you.

Let’s get into it…Treats for TweetsHopefully you all know the drill by now, but if you don’t, allow us to recap.

The beauty of Community Day is that we put in-game rewards in your hands and give you the opportunity to collectively boost the Community Emissary Grade via Twitter.

Simply by tweeting SeaOfThievesCommunityDay after the 10am UTC kickoff, you’ll play your part in raising the in-game boosts being awarded.

There are five Community Emissary Grades to work through on the day, with the top Grade giving everyone two-and-a-half-times the regular amount of gold, reputation and Seasonal Renown for handing in hard-earned treasure.

Better still, if you're also sailing as an Emissary for one of the Trading Companies, this multiplier stacks with any boosts accrued there too!

As with our last Community Day, the usual Gold Rush periods will be switched off for the duration of the day – so once that fifth Community Emissary Grade is unlocked, you can hand in loot for maximum value whenever you want.

With Renown also subject to this scaling multiplier, keen corsairs who’ve yet to hit the heady heights of level 100 in Season Eight have it all to gain from this Community Day celebration.

There’ll also be a generous fixed boost to Allegiance, giving players a great opportunity to accelerate their Faction progress towards either one (or both) of Sea of Thieves’ newest Curses.

Ain’t Nobody Gifts You BetterAs is traditional, Season Eight Community Day comes with a couple of in-game gifts.

For the romantic and pastel-persuaded among you, this event’s flag bears beautiful pink and purple hues.

Collect your flag simply by logging in during the 24-hour Community Day period – and don’t forget to flap it in your crewmates’ directions to make sure they know you love them (not a euphemism).

Logging in during Season Eight’s Community Day will also bless your inventories with a second bonus: the top-drawer Scorecard Emote, allowing you to playfully rate your crew or any other passer-by on their piratical performance.

Except the number on the card is chosen at random, so it’s a little bit of a lottery as to whether you’ll declare love or war.

Best have a blunderbomb at the ready just in case…These aren’t the only items you can score for your inventories this Community Day: tune in to any participating Sea of Thieves streamer for a couple of hours to bag yourself the Celestial Steed Sails (coincidentally, a perfect sail to complement the Community Day Flag) and the Ebon Flintlock.

These Twitch Drops will be active from 10am UTC on February 11th alongside all our other activity, and run for 24 hours – so don’t forget to nip over to Twitch and support your favourite creator for a while.

Steal Our Hearts (And Some Top Bargains)From Saturday, February 11th to Wednesday, February 15th (both 10am UTC), swing by the Pirate Emporium to peruse an assortment of lovey-dovey items all under the spell of our Delightful Discount Sale.

Fan favourites such as the Reaper’s Heart Pets and matching weapons will have their price slashed for the duration of the sale, and a whole host of romantic emotes will also be up for grabs at a discounted cost of Ancient Coins.

It’s not just the vendors of the Sea of Thieves who are all in on making sure you bag a bargain, either – all Sea of Thieves-themed items on the Rare merchandise store will be eligible for a nifty 30% discount for the duration of Community Day, to any thrifty shopper using the COMMUNITYDAY discount code at the checkout.

We’ve got everything a pirate might need to gift their loved one this Valentine’s Day, so if you’re ready to lay all your cards on the table to a secret love, we can help you with the cards (as well as the table).

Extra-special event swag will also be gracing the store’s aisles, as for one day only (Community Day, unsurprisingly) an actual Community Day T-shirt and Flag will be available to purchase.

You’ll need to be the speediest of shoppers to ensure you secure these time-limited items.

Total Eclipse of the HatOur BeMorePirate rampage returns for the latest Community Day, so make sure you’re sharing the love with your favourite friends and crewmates!

It’s a day to celebrate our amazing artists, players, creators and community MVPs – so we’ll be scouring our channels and the BeMorePirate hashtag for amazing Sea of Thieves stories, from now until the end of the big day.

Worthy winners will be awarded the Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame, so get your submissions in soon to see if your antics warrant your (or your nominee’s) pirate’s head being graced with one of the sea’s most coveted caps.

Glove Is All AroundFiery-hearted fashionistas will be thrilled to hear that this Season’s Style of Thieves competition will be coming soon to a screen near you.

Season Eight Community Day will unveil the theme list and submission dates, so all debonair corsairs keen to play dress-up can expect the latest rules of engagement come February 11th.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Sea of Thieves News page for the latest on the competition – and in the meantime, make sure your pirate’s wardrobe is well stocked for the challenge.

After all, there’s a set of super-special gloves on offer for those who make the cut.

Islands on the StreamSeason Eight Community Day will also see the triumphant return of the Rare crew streaming from the Tavern!

From 10am UTC, you’ll be able to watch as some familiar friendly faces tackle special Community Day challenges, and generally embrace the chaos involved when a bunch of folks sneak into Rare HQ on a Saturday for shenanigans.

The aforementioned Twitch Drops will of course be active on this stream, and if you’re lucky, you might even see another surprise or two during the broadcast…It's set to be a wildly entertaining session, so swing by and say hello to our pirate crew if you find the time – we promise to do some fun shout-outs on air too!

Loot’s Stay TogetherWhether this is your first or your fourth Community Day, these events are all about celebrating every pirate who chooses to spend time on our seas.

While there is an outrageous amount of gold, glory and goodies on offer, the core aim of these pirate parties is to shine the spotlight on our amazing sailors and salute their spirit.

So we hope you’ll join us this Community Day to share some screenshots, bag some swag and spread some love across the waves of the Sea of Thieves!


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