Sony has introduced the game Fairgame$ for PlayStation 5 and PC

Sony has introduced the game Fairgame$ for PlayStation 5 and PC
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Haven Studio, owned by Sony and headed by Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond, announced its debut game, Fairgame$, as part of the PlayStation Showcase 2023.


Fairgame$ will give the player the opportunity to play as a modern Robin Hood, who in the company of other people will have to invade forbidden places around the world, rob them and reveal the secrets of billionaires.


The studio describes Fairgame$ as "a new type of PvP games with sandbox elements." "Welcome to Fairgame$, where you will have a chance to rob the rich and balance the scales of justice.


This is a modern competitive robbery game in which you have to team up with other people, infiltrate exotic locations and steal cargo. What is the peculiarity?


The peculiarity is that you will resist not only security guards and security systems, but also other teams of thieves competing with you.


The more loot you get, the faster you can promote your team in the Fairgame$ rating. Who will you take with you first?

", - the description says. Other details, including the release date, are not disclosed.

The game will appear on PC and PlayStation 5.


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