Symbiote abilities, new areas and other enemies: The first details of Marvel's Spider-Man 2

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Symbiote abilities, new areas and other enemies: The first details of Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Published by 25 May, 2023 0 likes

Insomniac Games studio, after Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was shown at the PlayStation Showcase 2023 presentation, shared the first details of the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive on the PlayStation blog.

The game will feature a new enemy faction under the command of Craven the Hunter, as well as Dr. Kurt Connors, aka the Lizard. One of the new areas of the game will be the East River in Queens.

Part of the demo shown takes place in Harlem, the Manhattan quarter from the first part. Spider-Man will get a Black suit, which is an alien symbiote.

In this costume, the hero acts much more aggressively and is endowed with new abilities, such as climbing tentacles, which can be used to attack opponents.

However, a black suit will not just be a wardrobe item. In the new game, the authors will delve into Peter's personal relationship with the symbiote and the impact of this union on his loved ones.

Mile Morales from the 2020 addon will return and will not only be the second playable hero, but also a key figure in history.

Players will be able to smoothly switch between both Spiders in the plot moments, and the pace of movement will increase significantly due to the appearance of a new element in the equipment - spider wings.

Both heroes will be able to use them to quickly move around the city using wind tunnels between skyscrapers.

As in the previous parts, players will be able to act covertly, engage in open battles or combine both styles.

Regardless of the chosen approach, they will be complemented by new gadgets and abilities, for example, the ability to create a rope from a web to move along it and quietly overtake the enemy.

In addition, for the first time there will be a capture of two opponents at once. As for the gadgets, the developers demonstrated a web-like grip that pulls enemies into one place.

This allows Miles to use one of his new abilities - an electric shock on the ground.

Also, a glimpse was shown of the ability to deliver a chain shock with electricity, knocking down all the nearest opponents in the radius of action.

Each Spider-Man will have his own unique set of skills that can be improved with a completely new individual skill tree.

In addition, another common skill tree will appear in the game, which will allow you to simultaneously improve some of the same abilities of the heroes.

The game world will be more complete, crowded and detailed. Lighting, shadows and reflections have also been improved.

It will not do without the use of PS5 features, such as 3D spatial sound, adaptive triggers and DualSense tactile feedback. The game is coming out this fall.

The exact release date is planned to be announced in the near future.


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