The first screenshots and details of cyberpunk slasher Ghostrunner II

The first screenshots and details of cyberpunk slasher Ghostrunner II
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Following the announcement of the Ghostrunner II trailer, publisher 505 Games and studio One More Level shared the first details of the game and screenshots.


The events of the sequel will unfold a year after the first part.


The mistress of the keys is dead, but the main character is waiting for a new battle - this time with the cruel cult of cyberninja, which arose on the outskirts of the Dharma Tower.


According to the creators, the project will offer everything that the original Ghostrunner fell in love with, including boss fights, as well as many innovations, such as in-depth exploration of the world outside the tower, a modified combat system, complex nonlinear levels with motorcycle movement and new modes.


In addition, new skills will appear that allow you to act with more inventive methods and complete the most difficult tasks, but enemies will also become more difficult and will behave differently depending on the abilities used.


"New features allow us to make the re-passage of Ghostrunner II even more interesting.


Now players can complete the campaign, climb the leaderboard, experiment with the style of play and try new game modes.


The game will appeal to fans of the original Ghostrunner and anyone who needs a rich action." Other features:More diverse level design with non-linear passing capabilities.


Increased interactivity in boss fights, which allows you to decide on your own how to deal with the enemy. A redesigned character development system with many new opportunities for experimentation.


A new dialogue system and many new types of enemies, including redesigned opponents from the first Ghostrunner.


More intense battles due to the addition of interactive elements of the environment, such as exploding barrels, collapsible walls and neutral NPCs who can come to the rescue.


The release of Ghostrunner II will take place before the end of 2023 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.



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