Destiny 2 This Week at Bungie - 7/28/22

Destiny 2 This Week at Bungie - 7/28/22
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This week at Bungie, we’re planning a raid date night. Happy Solstice, everyone!

The bonfire is lit, there is grass in the Tower, and Guardians are donning their new armor with the stats and glows to go with it. We hope you are enjoying your time in the EAZ this year.

We have been tracking your feedback on what you are liking about the event, changes that aren’t feeling good, as well as any improvements you would like to see added.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and keep it coming. We’ve got a busy TWAB planned for you today.

As promised, we will be going over the launch date of the next raid and then also talking over some matchmaking changes rolling out in Season 18 and Season 19. Check out the full TWAB on


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