Dota 2 True Sight Chat Wheels & Cosplay Contest

Dota 2 True Sight Chat Wheels & Cosplay Contest
Published by 28 Sep, 2022 0 likes

We hope you enjoyed the updated True Sight Insights and of course the world premiere of True Sight for The International 10 — taking you inside the player booths for Team Spirit's battle to overcome PSG.

LGD and claim the Aegis of Champions. If you missed it live or just want to revisit any of the action, check out the full videos at: https://www. youtube.

com/user/dota2/videos. To celebrate the premiere, today's release includes 12 new chat wheel lines taken from this True Sight for Battle Pass owners to claim and use in your own games.

The International 2022 Cosplay CompetitionThere are still a few days available to join The International 2022 Cosplay Competition and possibly show off your crafted creations on Dota's biggest stage.

Entries will be accepted until October 1st.


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