Potion Permit Update - Patch 1.07

Potion Permit Update - Patch 1.07
Published by 27 Sep, 2022 0 likes

Hey Chemists, thank you so much for playing Potion Permit and for your support and feedback these past few days.

We are working hard to fix any bugs reported to us and will be working on more patches in the coming weeks. For the full patch notes, see here.

v 1. 07Content additions:-

Implemented mouse controls during combat (left click to use/attack, mouse wheel to change tools)- Added an option to stop fishing- Dialog text size is now adjustable in the settings menu- New controller button icons have been added to the main menu- Keybinding has been updated to improve the user

experience- Turning off VSync is recommended if you're having issues with diagonal movement-

Playing in window mode is recommended for those having issues with screen tearingMajor bug fixes:-

Fixed the very slow speed (when game FPS was 200+)- Fixed a bug where Steam Cloud failed to sync files locallyMinor bug fixes:-

Fixed Matheo's confession event- Fixed Xiao's friendship level 2 event- Fixed Martha cliff date- Fixed Nova's date introduction-

Fixed Nova's date intro text from 3 to 5- Fixed Xiao confession animation and delay- Fixed Kipps friendship level 1 image layering-

Fixed Lucke friendship level 2 event- Fixed issues with main and side quests missing- Fixed Victor's quest looping- Fixed Osman's friendship quest trigger-

Fixed Dean's friendship quest trigger- Fixed Matheo's friendship event dialogue-

Fixed the Coldbloom event sequence- Fixed Dan's idle animation-

Fixed Matheo's sit layering- Derrek friendship event timing was adjusted- Added the missing key item for Xiao's friendship level 3 event- Adjusted Leano's friendship quest delivery items-

Fixed public quest requirement quantity- Fixed Runeheart's name in French- Fixed the main character hair glitch- Reduced controller vibration strength-

Fixed plains map big rock layering- Updated all map obstacles-

Fixed several lines of dialogue- Fixed the whack-a-mole scoring boardOnce again, thank you very much for playing Potion Permit.

We appreciate all your feedback and the team is working tirelessly on any bug fixes and patch notes to come.


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