Last Epoch Beta 0.9e Patch Notes

Last Epoch Beta 0.9e Patch Notes
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Quests Fixed a bug where the portal to return to Thetima would not appear after killing Lagon. The waypoint to Soreth’Ka is unlocked however, so that can be used to progress without redoing the fight.

Fixed a bug where the Saving Last Refuge quest could become uncompletable in some situations. Talking to Gaspar again should fix the quest if it’s bugged for you.

Fixed a bug where the interaction to jump over the railing on the Dreadnought’s Deck would not appear if you left the zone after speaking with Alric.

Gameplay Fixed a bug which caused your item visuals and account name to fail to display and would display the default account label ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ (usually fixed by moving to a new zone).

This fix may take a little while to be fully in effect. Fixed a bug that caused Minion icons (top left of screen) to sometimes disappear.

Fixed a bug where the Shade of Orobyss' concentric ring explosions could occasionally deal damage a second time, 2 seconds after the first.

Fixed a bug where leaving a dungeon via a player portal could sometimes cause other players to be unable to portal to you (LE-70).

Fixed LE-67 errors occurring if you clicked a dungeon door after someone put in a key and clicked Enter, but did not select a tier.

Fixed a bug where hardcore characters that had died still showed as hardcore in some parts of the UI. Added tutorials to the start of the game for joining a party and re-assigning skills.

We have other tutorial changes in progress. NotesFlame ReaveIn 0.

9c, we included a bug fix for Flame Reave's Rhythm of Fire where it did not grant any stacks. We mistakenly believed this caused Flame Reave to never be able to receive the benefits of Rhythm of Fire.

What actually happened before 0.

9c was Flame Reave received the range and width bonus of Rhythm of Fire at all times, even when unspecialized, and received the damage bonus of Rhythm of Fire at all times when the Rhythm of Fire node was allocated.

This means the current behavior of the skill and node are now working as intended, but we described the bug fix incorrectly.

This caused a lot of confusion, and set expectations that the skill would become even stronger, when it was actually much stronger than intended.

We will be more thorough in our testing and patch notes. Future FixesWe’re continuing to monitor your feedback and bug reports on and off of the forum.

We know you want to hear more frequent and specific updates on what we’re doing and we will work on this.

Getting the right balance between communication and working on the fixes themselves is tricky, especially while we’re this busy. I’ll add a few below but this is by no means a complete list.

We are monitoring issues with logging in and connecting to servers (i. e. being able to at all, and the speed of doing so).

These issues are typically addressed on our backend, which happens separate from client/server releases.

We are continuing to investigate reports of progression rollbacks and improving our telemetry to diagnose causes.

We’ve identified the cause of skills on the actionbar being scrambled/un-set when playing Transform build and are working on a fix.

We’ve seen reports of Lunge causing the player to get stuck but haven’t found a consistent way to cause the behavior.

Any details you can add in a bug report (types of enemies, location onscreen, recordings) would be helpful.


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