Somerville from Developer Inside turns Xbox Consoles into Potatoes

Somerville from Developer Inside turns Xbox Consoles into Potatoes
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This week, the release of the game Sommerville took place on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


The Jumpship studio was responsible for the development of the project, which is led by Dino Patti, co-founder of the Playdead studio, who gave us Limbo and Inside.


Actually, Somerville is very much like Playdead projects. In the game, none of the characters talk, and many puzzles are tied to physics.


Sommerville starts with the fact that Earth becomes a battlefield between two alien races.


At the center of the disaster is the head of the family, who received an unusual ability from the dying pilot of an alien fighter. Now he needs to find his missing wife and child.


On the Opencritic aggregator, the average score from critics is now 73 points. The game on release is available to Game Pass subscribers.


However, we do not recommend running Sommerville on consoles yet.


So, on Xbox One, the Jumpship debut project produces an average of less than 17 frames per second and is actually unplayable. On the Xbox Series S, the game runs at an unstable 60 frames per second.


But very quickly the average value drops below 30 frames per second - especially when neon light sources appear. The cherry on the cake is the tiling effect.


As a result, it's corny to play Somerville, because performance jumps negatively affect the gameplay.


At the same time, there is nothing to objectively slow down, because the creation of Jumpship uses the Low Poly style and does not revolutionize the graphics.


We don't know yet how the PC and Xbox Series X versions work. Why the game went into release in such a terrible state remains unclear.


However, the GameMAG editorial board. ru advises readers to wait for patches.


Update. Judging by the players' comments, the PC version of Somerville is also experiencing performance issues.


One of the bloggers complained that he could not achieve a stable 60 frames even in 1440p resolution.


At the same time, his PC uses a powerful bundle of Intel Core i9-9900K processor and Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics card.


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