The Callisto Protocol Horror spent more than $ 160 million, but it is poorly sold

The Callisto Protocol Horror spent more than $ 160 million, but it is poorly sold
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The Korean company KRAFTON invested about $162 million in the production of The Callisto Protocol and the maintenance of the Striking Distance Studios - and this is without taking into account all the costs of horror advertising. However, Dead Space creator Glenn Scofield's project fared far worse than expected, and Korean analytics agencies have already begun to lower their forecasts for sales, share prices, and the publisher's revenue. This is stated in the report of the K-Odyssey portal of the Yonhap News Agency.

Samsung Securities says it expected The Callisto Protocol to sell 5 million copies, but early results show that within a year of its release, horror will have a hard time breaking the 2 million barrier.

The long-term sales outlook is currently negative. The developers will try to capture the attention of the audience with content updates and expansions, the first of which is scheduled for February, but analysts say that users rarely return to short single-player games that received mixed media reviews and mixed reviews from the audience at the start. On Metacritic, "Protocol" is in the "yellow" zone for both indicators. On Steam, too, not everything is going smoothly - 61% approval.

Some Korean experts openly call The Callisto Protocol a "failure" and say they doubt the prospects for a sequel.

Daishin Securities, Samsung Securities, Shinhan Securities, KIWOOM Securities, Korea Investment & Securities, and Hyundai Motor Securities are looking for a decline in KRAFTON shares on The Callisto Protocol selling reports.

How many copies have been sold so far is not known, but the publisher should clarify this issue next month as part of the publication of its financial report. KRAFTON's documentation lists The Callisto Protocol as an AAAA game.


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