The remake of Dead Space will offer players a lot of new moments

The remake of Dead Space will offer players a lot of new moments
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The opening sections of the remake of Dead Space closely follow the structure and content of the original horror, but in the future the project will offer more original content and artistic solutions.

This was told by producer Philippe Ducharme.

According to the developer, the EA Motive team treated the original Dead Space formula as carefully as possible, but in some aspects the authors tried to dilute it with innovations.

In some sections, the remake will offer the audience a completely new look at familiar things. Including in terms of the atmosphere and the horror component itself.

"The initial sections of the game, especially if they are compared frame by frame, are very similar to each other.

But after going through a few chapters, you will come to episodes that were not much loved in the original.

When deciding to make some changes to the game, it was important for us that they somehow reflected on the fundamental ideas of the project.

We didn't change something just because it might seem to us that we understand the game better than its original developers. They coped with their task perfectly.

But still we have a task to fill in certain gaps.

Make sure that the player does not feel that he has already seen all this before, so that he does not feel safe, being sure that nothing threatens him. Because in fact there is a threat.

Someone is always hunting for you, and his intentions are far from the friendliest," the developer shared his thoughts.

The worldwide premiere of the remake of Dead Space will take place on January 27. The game will be released only on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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