SATISFACTORY Update 7 is out on Experimental!

SATISFACTORY Update 7 is out on Experimental!
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Hi Pioneers! Update 7 is up on Experimental now.

The most anticipated addition in this update are probably Blueprints, but you’ll get to enjoy some other nuggets together with them.

We’ve added additional modes for Creature hostility, a Conveyor Ceiling Attachment, balancing of Overclocking and Coupon generation, and more. You can find all the details below!

A fair warning, since this is the Experimental release: We are still working in particular on the multiplayer stability of Blueprints and you might encounter more issues there than usual even in Experimental.

You can leave your feedback on the Blueprints, other additions, changes, and any issues you encounter on our Questions Site: https://questions. satisfactorygame.

com/Blueprints in particular are a highly requested feature for the game, and we’ll keep working on them.

We hope you’ll enjoy them and that you let us know what you think <3And as always, be safe and back up your saves! Don’t make Snutt tap the sign.

BlueprintsThe Blueprint DesignerIn this brand-new building you will be able to design, adjust, and save Blueprints for use in your factory.

Anything that fits inside the confines of the Designer (4 by 4 Foundations and 8 Walls in height) you will be able to build with a single click as a Blueprint.

Building BlueprintsAny Blueprint you save in the designer is added to the Blueprints Build Menu Tab, which you can organise as you see fit.

From there you can select it like any other building or add it to your Hotbar.

Blueprints have some unique build modes of their own, one focused on detailed control and the other on snapping with other Blueprints.

Creature Game ModesPassive and RetaliatingThese are the two new modes we added for Creature hostility which allow you to adjust how to interact with the combat aspect of Satisfactory.

If you do want to fight, but want more control over the when and how, the Retaliating mode is for you.

Creatures will only attack you if you attack them first, and this works per single creature. So, if you want to fight a group of Hogs or other creatures one after the other, you can do that now.

Passive mode is exactly what it says: All creatures will remain passive, no matter if you attack them or not.

If you want to enjoy Satisfactory without the action aspects, Passive mode gets the job done. You can set your preferred Creature hostility in the Escape Menu under ‘Advanced Gameplay Settings’.

In the futureThis is mostly what we have in mind for allowing you to customise your experience with Creatures.

In the future we are planning to implement more game modes that allow you to adjust how you play Satisfactory. But that is for after Update 7.

OverclockingWe’ve talked a bunch about Overclocking before and we are finally making some changes to it.

If you don’t know, the Overclocking mechanic allows you to make buildings produce parts faster at an exponential power cost or produce slower while consuming exponentially less power.

The basic mechanic of Overclocking remains largely unchanged, but we’ve lowered the exponential power cost change.

This means that Overclocking is less expensive than it was before, and Underclocking is not quite as cheap. Generators are the only exception to this rule: They Over- and Underclock completely linear.

Other contentAnd of course, there is some more. Conveyor Ceiling Mounts are new, with the addition of contextual switching between relevant buildables when aiming at a wall, ceiling, or floor.

This works for both Conveyor and Pipe attachments. The Zipline has a sprinting mode that allows you to go dangerously fast at your own risk.

And we fixed some bugs and worked on system changes and improvements under the hood. Lots of good stuff.

We hope all you brave souls on Experimental enjoy the changes!

Patch NotesBLUEPRINTSAdded the Blueprint Designer to Tier 4Added Blueprints tab to the Build MenuFACTORYAdded Conveyor Ceiling Attachment to the Awesome ShopReworked the Build EffectEQUIPMENTAdded sprinting functionality for the ZiplineCREATURESAdded Creature hostility modes that can be set in Advanced Game Settings in the Escape MenuRegular: Creatures attack and investigate players based on vision and hearingRetaliate: Creatures attack players after being attacked themselvesPassive: Creatures never attack playersQUALITY OF LIFEConveyor and Pipe poles now contextually switch between floor, wall and ceiling attachments based on where the player aims while buildingSome improvements / fixes for foundation snappingBALANCINGAlien DNA Capsules can now be sunk in the Awesome Sink, generating Coupons separately from other partsReduced the energy cost of Overclocking production buildings (including Extractors) to a lower exponentMade overclocking of power generators match the operating rate with the clock speedReduced vertical foundation snapping grid size from 200 to 100UIUpdated the game creditsImplemented double click functionality for Save and Load GameBuild Mode now prioritises showing missing costs while buildingAdded option to only show missing cost when in Build ModeOverhauled Pioneer name tags (has this already been released? )

Added a new submenu called Multiplayer Settings to the Escape Menu and moved Manage Session/Manage Invites thereAdded a cancel button to “Add new server” popup in the Server ManagerAdded a search bar to the multiplayer list in the Join Game menu OPTIMISATION


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