Cafe Owner Simulator is now available!

Cafe Owner Simulator is now available!
Published by 05 Dec, 2022 0 likes

Hi Cafe Owners! After years of hard work on Cafe Owner Simulator, we are finally ready to show you the result of our efforts!


The release of the game is an important moment for us because we can deliver what you expected from us after hundreds of messages, surveys and reviews.


Thank you very much for any such suggestions - you created this game together with us!


Special thanks to people who supported us on kickstarter and already believed that we would create a good game for them.


That's why we have great news for you - you can buy the game with a 10% discount! We have tried to make Cafe Owner Simulator give you the pleasure of playing for many hours.

Since the prologue, a lot of new content has been added, many new solutions have been introduced, and a lot of bugs have been fixed. We hope you will continue to develop the game with us.

Therefore, we are waiting for your suggestions and ideas. We will try to quickly fix bugs and continue to develop the game.


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