Capcom unveiled the trailer for the role-playing game Dragon's Dogma II at the Sony presentation

Capcom unveiled the trailer for the role-playing game Dragon's Dogma II at the Sony presentation
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Another notable premiere at the PlayStation Showcase 2023 presentation was Dragon's Dogma II. The sequel to the fantasy role-playing game from Capcom was officially shown in the first trailer.


In the video, you can appreciate a bit of gameplay with battles. The project will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on Steam, but there is no release date yet.


According to the first details, Dragon's Dogma II is being developed on the RE Engine and will be a singleplayer story RPG.


Like the first game, the second part will offer a Pawn system that will allow you to be accompanied by up to three mysterious otherworldly creatures controlled by AI, which should create a sense of cooperative gameplay in a single game.


"Dragon's Dogma II begins in an underground prison, where the dragon's voice echoes in the fog of lost memories.


Having stolen the dragon's heart, the Resurrected set out to destroy the symbol of the destruction of the world, the one that soars in the sky on huge wings and breathes flames that incinerate everything in its path."





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