The Elder Scrolls® Online Community Guides—Whitestrake’s Mayhem July 2022

The Elder Scrolls® Online Community Guides—Whitestrake’s Mayhem July 2022
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Whitestrake’s Mayhem returns! Arm yourself for the battles to come with these player-made PvP guides and builds from the ESO community!


The Whitestrake’s Mayhem in-game PvP event is now live, giving you a chance to earn additional rewards when you battle your fellow players in Cyrodiil, the Imperial City, and Battlegrounds.

If you’re new to PvP in ESO or just want to make sure you have the upper hand over those who lay false claim to the Ruby Throne, check out these event- and PvP-specific guides and builds from the #ESOFam.

Basic GuidesTianlein—Whitestrake’s Mayhem Event Guide Get the inside scoop on July’s Whitestrake’s Mayhem with this complete guide from the one-and-only Tianlein!

Varanis Arano—Whitestrake’s Mayhem 101 – July 2022 Get the basics on ESO’s various PvP game modes so you can hit the ground running during the event with this guide published to our official forums.

[Official Forums]—Cyrodiil Beginner Guide ESO’s open-world PvP can be understandably daunting for new players, so if you’re planning on diving into an Alliance War campaign during Whitestrake’s, be sure to check out this written guide first.

[Website] Jakeclips—Whitestrake’s Mayhem (July 2022) How to Profit 500k-750K AP Per Hour Thanks to bonuses to Alliance Point gains, this event is the best ways to stock up on the PvP currency.

See how to make the most out of Whitestrake’s with this guide from Jakeclips. Arttea—NEW Ways to Make Gold During Whitestrake’s

Mayhem There’s a lot of Alliance Points, Experience Points, and other rewards up for grabs during Whitestrake’s, but did you know it’s also a great opportunity to make gold?


Get rich on the battlefield with help from Arttea! RichestGuyinESO—In-Depth Bombing Guide There’s nothing scarier than a PvP bomber surprising you and your large group mid-push.

Learn how you can sneak in, cause all kinds of mayhem, and even sometimes survive with this new guide.


BrahWeGotThis—ESO Must Have Add-Ons for 2022 While featuring add-ons for all of ESO’s many activities, Brah’s latest update to this guide has more than a few that’ll also help you battle your fellow players in PvP, too.

PvP BuildsDeltias’s Gaming—One Bar Hybrid Templar PvP Build If you’re looking for a nasty Templar PvP build, who better to go to than Deltias?

Kylarbyte—Werewolf PvP Build: High Isle Update There’s something truly satisfying about transforming into a ferocious werewolf and leaping into the fray.

This build from Kylarbyte makes the most out of every tooth and claw at your disposal. MalcolM—Ridiculous One-Bar PvP Tank—The Cyrodiil Angler We get it.

Sometimes you don’t want to siege keeps and steal Elder Scrolls. Sometimes you just want to chill out and fish.

This build from MalcolM will help you stay alive as you do!

ArzyeL Gaming—Magica Sorcerer PvP Build—Powershock Shock those who stand between you and control over the capital with this electrifying build from ArzyeL. ManCaveGaming—Crazy Survivability MagDK PvP Build If you like to get into the thick of it AND stay alive, ManCaveGaming has a solid MagDK build for you.

Xynode Gaming—Ballista Nightblade Sniper PvP Build What better way to stay alive in Cyrodiil than to do all your damage from afar?

Xynode has a nasty long-range bomb build that dishes out some big-time single target damage with a BANG.

Thank you to all our incredible ESO content creators for helping the #ESOFam get the most out of the game with these guides and builds.

Don’t forget, the Whitestrake’s Mayhem in-game PvP event is now live until Tuesday, August 9 at 10AM EDT, so jump in and fight for your Alliance—that’s an order!

Have you crafted or enjoyed a PvP-focused guide you think the rest of the ESO community should see? Share it with us via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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