EA Motive is going to make Iron Man an AAA-class game, with a large development team and budget

EA Motive is going to make Iron Man an AAA-class game, with a large development team and budget
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On September 20, Electronic Arts officially announced the development of the game Iron Man, noting that it is being handled by Motive Studio.

The project is a story-oriented adventure from a third party, the release date of which is unknown. Talking to GamesIndustry.

biz Vice President and Creative Director of Marvel Games Bill Rosemann noted that both teams want to produce innovative action games, and also like to bring to life the cult worlds.

In addition, the studio want each player to feel like a hero and realize a fantasy, fulfilling their desires.

As for gameplay, everyone understands that a successfully performed opportunity to fly in the form of an Iron Man will become a decisive factor of the enterprise.

However, Motive Studio is also betting on an exciting original story with the correct transfer of the essence of the iconic character.

Game director Olivier Prue, who previously worked on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy from Eidos Montreal, plans to reveal the character, making players better understand him, and show what drives the character.

"In the"Guardians of the Galaxy"the main emphasis was placed on teamwork, around which we have built a lot of narrative lines.

With Iron Man, it's extremely important to have an intuitive flight experience, and of course build a great story around Tony Stark and engage his character.

He's a creative genius, that's his superpower, so there's a lot of story space here. We are also talking about how this will affect the gameplay. "

Prue noted that as he worked on the basic concept and idea of the game, Motive Studio will expand the development team and increase the budget.

Earlier it became known that Iron Man will be the first game developed by Electronic Arts together with Marvel, and others will follow the project.


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