EA will fire about 100 employees who provided technical support to FIFA 22

EA will fire about 100 employees who provided technical support to FIFA 22
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At the disposal of Kotaku were emails sent to employees of Electronic Arts. They talk about mass layoffs in an office located in Austin. And we are talking about the employees who provided technical support for FIFA 22.

According to one of the sources, about 100 people will be left without work, and the decision, apparently, is connected with the recent termination of the contract with FIFA.
In the letter, Joel Knutson, VP of Accounts, stated the following:

“We are constantly evolving to provide the best experience for our fans and improving our support model. To reduce complexity and increase our efficiency, flexibility and scalability, Austin positions will be abolished.”

Additionally, it is noted that in return the company will offer a large number of similar positions, but in a different office located in the Irish city of Galway.

A Kotaku source notes that the company intends to outsource technical support duties (advising customers via email and chat, solving problems with microtransactions, and so on). And EA allegedly took such a step after numerous complaints about low wages.

A company representative, in his response to a request from journalists, actually repeated what was said above - EA is looking for ways to improve interaction with customers, so it decided to abolish a number of positions and create new ones that laid-off employees can apply for. This is the first. Second, the layoffs are not the result of a “break” with FIFA.


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