Electronic Arts is confident in the success of EA Sports FC it is a replacement for FIFA 24

Electronic Arts is confident in the success of EA Sports FC  it is a replacement for FIFA 24
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Last year, Electronic Arts stopped cooperating with FIFA, and in April introduced a new brand of football simulator — EA Sports FC.


In an interview with The Mirror newspaper, David Jackson, vice president of the sports division of the publishing house, indicated that the company's decision to part with the football organization would lead to innovation.

"EA Sports FC is our vision for the future.

I think we have done a very good job and formed a great relationship with FIFA, but now is the right time to choose a new path and chart our own way forward to meet the expectations of the players.

We feel that we can do this in the best possible way through the prism of our own platform," said David Jackson.

When asked why fans should rejoice at what at first glance seems like a simple rebranding, Jackson said that leaving FIFA would lead to a "new and exciting experience" for players.

"For us, this is a change of mindset. Now we are thinking very broadly about the possibilities.

And innovations that we would like to implement for football fans in the future. We are absolutely confident in the product that we are preparing to bring to the market later this year."

The modes from the previous parts of FIFA will officially return to the new game. They promise more than 19 thousand football players from 700 teams, at least 100 stadiums and 30 leagues.

More details will appear in July 2023.


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