Halo Infinite fans are invited to test the cooperative mode of the campaign

Halo Infinite fans are invited to test the cooperative mode of the campaign
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Testing of the cooperative mode of the campaign in the shooter Halo Infinite will begin on July 11 and will last until July 22. Studio 343 Industries shared relevant news.

All game owners and Xbox Game Pass subscribers on the Xbox and PC consoles will be able to participate in the beta version. In order to be among the first to try out the cooperative in Halo Infinite, Xbox users will first need to become members of the Xbox Insider Program.

In the case of a PC, enrollment in the Halo Insider program is required by July 5. According to the published information, the testing of the cooperative in Halo Infinite will take place on a separate test client of a single campaign.

The progress made so far cannot be transferred there. However, in the full version of the cooperative regime, there will be no such problem — players will be able to freely pass the campaign in Halo Infinite is scheduled for August this year.

At the same time in the project there should be a possibility of free passing of selective missions from a story mode. Halo Infinite cooperative mode is designed for a team of up to four people, but there are nuances — players should not move away from their partners by 1,000 feet, otherwise they will die.

When you leave the team 800 feet away, the system will warn you of impending death. Initially, the cooperative mode was supposed to appear in Halo Infinite on the release, but the developers postponed it until the second season.

However, before the beginning of the last they specified that the cooperative will appear during the whole season, instead of at once.


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