EA took on the creation of the game under a Marvel license

EA took on the creation of the game under a Marvel license
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Electronic Arts is developing a new project under the Marvel license. Presumably, this is a large game based on one of the characters of the popular cinematic universe.

Insider Nick Baker shared relevant information as part of the XboxEra podcast. The informant did not go into the details of the secret game from EA and Marvel, but clarified that he had some idea of what exactly the partners were preparing.

The initial concept phase has already been completed. Recall that today Marvel is ready to actively cooperate with a variety of companies in the development of their intellectual property in the market of interactive entertainment.

For example, together with Sony, the publisher is creating new AAA games and, with the support of Square Enix, games on and were released, Nintendo published, and 2K will send a tactical strategy to the shelves this year.



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