Digital Foundry experts spoke about the PlayStation portable system Project Q

Digital Foundry experts spoke about the PlayStation portable system Project Q
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Last Thursday, May 25, Sony announced a portable Project Q system designed to launch games from PlayStation 5 via the cloud.

Users were disappointed with this announcement because of the design and form factor, and many did not understand why to buy such a device at all.

This opinion is shared by Digital Foundry specialists.

Richard Leadbetter, in particular, worries about the health of Project Q, since the Remote Play system does not work perfectly and requires changes.

Nevertheless, Leadbetter believes that Sony will definitely take care of this issue.

Speaking about the design, John Linneman stressed that Project Q lacks the elegance that Sony portable consoles of the Ken Kutaragi era were famous for.

"Project Q looks like it was made by a sixth grader. "Dude, what if you attach a SCREEN to a PlayStation controller?!"

he says, and then starts drawing its design in his notebook," Linneman stressed.

Experts currently do not understand the purpose of Project Q, and the presentation of the device itself turned out to be strange.

Sony eventually left a lot of questions and didn't really disclose the detailed specifications.

Richard Leadbetter also touched upon the transition of companies to online shows, which is why journalists do not have the opportunity to immediately find out certain details from publishers.

During the conversation, the experts also came to the conclusion that the PlayStation Project Q form factor directly indicates its low autonomy.

Earlier, Tom Henderson claimed that Project Q's operating time would be 3-4 hours. Linneman is sure that this is the key disadvantage of the gadget.

PlayStation Project Q is announced for release at the end of this year. Perhaps it will be the middle or the end of November.


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