Neil Drakmann Is Already Making a new game for PlayStation 5, and It's Not a multiplayer The Last of Us

Neil Drakmann Is Already Making a new game for PlayStation 5, and It's Not a multiplayer The Last of Us
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Naughty Dog co-chairman Neil Drakmann spoke on the new podcast Kinda Funny, dedicated to discussing the first season of the series The Last of Us.


The hosts also asked him if he was under pressure regarding the fact that after the success of Uncharted, The Last of Us and their film adaptations, another major IP would be expected from him, which Sony could turn into a multimedia franchise and support for many years.

According to Drakmann, it is very lucky that he does not need to think in this way, since the success of Naughty Dog has given them the luxury to do whatever they want.

According to the developer, at the end of each project, they purposefully study several different ideas, some of which may turn out to be a continuation, and others - something completely new, and then the team looks at which of these will cause them the most interest.

"If you choose the wrong project, and then burn out from this idea, because it did not attract you, then after two years of development out of four you will find yourself in a complete ass.

That's how I think you can make anything mediocre - if you lose the passion for it."

He did not disclose whether his next game will be The Last of Us: Part III or something else, but the decision on this has already been made inside the studio, and the project has been launched into development.

"I know the fans really want Last of Us: Part III. I hear about it all the time, but all I can say is that we are already busy with our next project, so the decision has already been made.

I can't say what it is, but it was a process where we looked at a lot of different options and chose what attracted us the most."

Drakmann also confirmed that the previously announced multiplayer The Last of Us will be the next major title Naughty Dog.

The project has become an interesting experience for him, since this is the first part in the franchise, of which he is not the author.

He does not act as a director, but rather performs the role of a producer and looks after the project from the outside.

According to him, the game is very different from what he would have done himself, however, he notes that for him it is an exciting opportunity to see how other developers take a leading role in this franchise and see what happens.

More details about the game will appear later this year.


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