FreestyleFootball R Official Version is comming!

FreestyleFootball R Official Version is comming!
Published by 21 Sep, 2022 0 likes

After a week of Beta testing, we are pleased to report that the official release of FreestyleFootball R is coming soon. Beta testing will close at 4:00 UTC 2022/9/22 for maintenance.

At the end of the maintenance the game will be updated to the official version. Some changes will be made in the Official Version, please refer to the announcement later.

All Beta Test player data will be cleared, so to prevent any loss, please get offline early.

The maintenance will last about 4 hours, and the specific online time of the Official Version will be notified separatelyBeta Test Rewards:Pioneer TopCoins topped upCoins topped up in the beta will be refunded in the official version at a 120% multiplier (if you top up 600 coins in the beta, you will receive 720 coins in the official version).


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