Silksong registered the trademark Fearless Fox

Silksong registered the trademark Fearless Fox
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Team Cherry Studio, known for creating the Hollow Knight dilogy, has registered the Fearless Fox trademark in Australia.


The document states that the property is related to video games, so in the future it is quite likely that a project with a similar name will be released.

It is worth noting that the first application for registration was submitted in 2019. However, the new one adds toys, board games and a number of other products to the category.

The situation may hint that the development of Hollow Knight: Silksong is coming to an end.

The continuation of the 2017 metroidvania was announced four years ago, and in the summer at a joint Xbox and Bethesda conference, the authors announced that the project would replenish the library of the Game Pass online service at the time of release.

However, the game still does not have an exact release date. The developers promise to release the project before the beginning of June.

In an interview with EDGE 2021, the developers reported that they are engaged in a game that does not relate to the Hollow Knight universe.

Team Cherry worked on the new project in the background, although she was mainly focused on preparing for the release of Silksong.

At that moment, the unanswered game was at the stage of an idea, which included a set of documents that had to be put together in order to begin building the basis for a new project.

Given the small size of the studio and the constant filling of the original Hollow Knight with content, this was certainly not the main focus for Team Cherry.


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