Sony and Honda electric cars can get a built-in PlayStation 5

Sony and Honda electric cars can get a built-in PlayStation 5
Published by 21 Nov, 2022 0 likes

The Sony-Honda joint venture is considering installing PlayStation 5 in cars to counter Tesla in the electric car market.


A joint venture called Sony Honda Mobility was established in September and expects to release its first joint electric vehicle in North America by 2025.

In a conversation with The Financial Times, representatives of the company said that they plan to use Sony's experience in providing entertainment content services to gain an advantage over competitors.

Sony Honda Mobility president Izumi Kawanishi, who worked in Sony's robotics division, added that PS5 integration into cars is "technologically possible" and that Sony has what Tesla doesn't have - content and services.

"Sony has content, services and entertainment technologies that move people. We adapt them to the movement, and in this we have power over Tesla."

At the same time, Sony Honda Mobility does not think just to install the PS5 in the car.

The company intends to create electric cars that will be initially designed with the expectation of providing access to entertainment and network services available from Sony.

In addition, SHM plans to invest a significant amount of funds in improving autonomous driving.


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