The development of the Xbox-exclusive Perfect Dark is progressing well

The development of the Xbox-exclusive Perfect Dark is progressing well
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Collaboration between The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics on the restart of Perfect Dark for Xbox Series X|S and PC is progressing well.


This was announced by Jez Corden of Windows Central during the last episode of the podcast The Xbox Two.


The journalist heard from an informed source that, contrary to previous rumors, the development of Perfect Dark is actually going very well.

Apparently, Corden was quite confident in his source, and he was interested to know that, given all the negativity surrounding the project.

He was unable to provide any further details, except that what he had heard was encouraging.

Perfect Dark is the debut project of The Initiative, a new Microsoft studio founded in 2018 under the leadership of former Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher.

At the beginning of the development, experienced specialists from all over the industry were actively recruited into the new team, but after the announcement of the game at the end of 2020, the studio fell silent.

Instead of news about the project on the network there were reports about the departure from the team of key developers, and the project suddenly involved additional labor in the face of Crystal Dynamics.

In March, VGC sources spoke about the problems in The Initiative, which led to the departure of many senior employees and strongly influenced the dynamics of production.

At the same time, the studio soon stated that they had made great progress in creating the project together with Crystal Dynamics.


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