"Van Helsing in the Wild West": The Evil West action game was released

"Van Helsing in the Wild West": The Evil West action game was released
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Focus Entertainment has unveiled the release trailer for Evil West, an action movie about a vampire hunter in the Wild West released today.


The project was developed by the Polish studio Flying Wild Hog, known for the Shadow Warrior trilogy. The Western press rated the game an average of 76 points out of 100 possible on OpenCritic.

Here's what they write in the reviews:IGN: "Evil West is far from the most complex or innovative action game, but it contains the most important components of an old-school monster extermination campaign."

GamesRadar+: "An entertaining remix of familiar action mechanics and narrative tropes - this is how Evil West can be described, which is a strong modern bitmap where battles come first."

Hobby Consolas: "Evil West resembles a Category B movie (in a good way) and PS3/X360 games (again, in a good way).

It offers exactly what it promises, is not distracted by nonsense, is not filled with content for the sake of filling, and ends exactly when it should end.

This is one of those games that are no longer being made. And that's the beauty of it."

Push Square: "Evil West is the case when 7 out of 10 really pleases.

It will never receive any awards and probably won't be remembered for a long time, but give it a few years and someone will swear to you one day that this is a real underrated classic.

A simple action game that knows how to stay fun both in battles and beyond."

Saving Content: "Evil West is like a PlayStation 2 release in a good way in the sense that it is a game from the category of "what you see is what you get". The players met the project well too.

A few hours after the release, Evil West collects very positive reviews on Steam and now has an 82% rating. "Van Helsing in the Wild West with guns and action like in DOOM."

"It's just a top! Meat brutal shooter is back in business."

"I'll say this, for two thousand rubles, the price tag is really a little too high, and so why not, you can fix it." "For the first time I get what I've been waiting for.

Constantly, or in trailers, all the beauty will be shown, and then you go through the torment, or the gameplay will be delayed. And here it's just what's on the box, then inside.

And a special thank you to Focus Entertainment, for not selling out and not leaving Russian and other stores." "A modern game in the spirit of the PS2 era.

If you miss the good old action games, this one is worth checking out." "I bought the game because I thought it would be a third-person shooter.

In fact, it's something like God of War in the Wild West." The first 15 minutes of PlayStation 5 gameplay in performance mode:Comparison of versions for current consoles and PCs:


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