Naval Action Major Update: Safe zone, Ship race, New Combat model, and various other changes

Naval Action Major Update: Safe zone, Ship race, New Combat model, and various other changes
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Captains! Major update is being deployed today 15th of MayChangelogSafe Zones Most ports except for Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and Bahamas and deep blue sea have received protection zones.

Safe areas are clearly indicated by green zones on the map (shortcut M). You cannot attack enemy players in the Safe Zones.

This is a major change that will change Caribbean and PVP server and will give full protection to players who are just levelling up.

NPC 3rd, Second rates and 1st rates will mostly sail in the PVP zones. Combat RebalanceDamage changes output and DPSGun damage: will be changed based on weight of the cannonball.


Damage table of standard medium guns 4lb – 4 damage 6lb – 6 damage 9lb – 9 damage 12lb – 12 damage 18lb – 18 damage 24lb – 24 damage 32lb – 32 damage 36lb – 36 damage 42lb – 42 damage Importance of heavy guns will drastically increase.

Accurate shooting from lower gun decks becomes extremely important due to % in the total weight of the broadside. Rare guns all received 10% buff to damage or splinter output.

Long guns have received significant bonus to accuracy. Ship hitpoints rebalancePlanking and Structure Changes.

Planking have been gradually increased for ships heavier than light frigates. Ships of the line especially 1st rates will be able to tank multiple enemies with their broadside.

Damage to structure through bow and stern Structure hitpoints have been reduced. Making critical hits to structure through bow and stern devastating.

Ships will of course have some protection from skillshots by their bow and stern armor. The amount protection will depend on the ship and will increase with ship class.

First rates can tank 2 full broadsides by stern and bow armor. Light ships will be able to hold only one.

After that raking fire will crit. Captains can reduce stern and bow planking by shooting into certain areas when enemy is showing the broadsides.

Damage to structure through side planking Once you lost planking to 30% it will no longer mitigate structure damage and structure will go down faster than before.

This will still allow precision focus fire by a fleet when taking on the enemy ship of the line.

Repairs To compensate drastically increased planking and reduced structure hull repairs have been changed. Hull repairs now repair 25% of planking and 50% of structure.

Influence of new model on Tactics The changes to planking and structure vs planking balance will increase the importance of tactics and the commander role, especially for heavy ships of the line (even commandeered by the new players).

Lineships showing the side cannot be focused out easily by enemy line and can focus on fulfilling orders of the fleet commander, who will be maneuvering the fleet to cross the line and achieve rakes.

Of course it will still be possible to sink enemy line ships through broadside, but the fleet trying to maneuver into rake shots will have a big advantage.

Combat in heavier vessels will change - to resolve the battle captain will have to maneuver into rakes or wait for enemy mistakes (demasting him with chain at full sails, or raking with cannonballs when enemy shows the bow or a stern).


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