War Thunder G6 Rhino - Longhorn

War Thunder G6 Rhino - Longhorn
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The G6 Rhino is a wheeled self-propelled gun, developed by South Africa during the 1970s in an effort to modernize the outdated inventory of their artillery regiments at the time. Soon, the G6 Rhino will charge head first into the heated ground battles of War Thunder as it arrives to the game as part of the next major update!

Briefly: A highly mobile South African self-propelled gun, featuring an impressive destructive potential thanks to its 155 mm howitzer.

G6 Rhino, self-propelled gun, Great Britain, Rank IV


  • Superb mobility
  • Devastating 155 mm cannon
  • Lightweight armor
  • Limited horizontal firing angles

In War Thunder, the G6 Rhino will be a new SPG reinforcing rank IV of the British ground forces tree with the release of the next major update. The G6 Rhino will offer its prospective commanders a devastating destructive potential, only found with such high-caliber artillery pieces, while combining it with signature superb mobility that South African combat vehicles are known and feared for by tankers in the game.

The centerpiece of attention with the G6 Rhino is most certainly its potent 155 mm G6 canon. Featuring excellent ballistic properties, even for a howitzer, gives commanders the ability to quickly and easily engage hostile targets, even at longer distances. Furthermore, the heavy high-explosive rounds (regular and remote fuse) ensure a good effect on target even if tankers miss critical components which may have led to complete destruction of the enemy. However, commanders should also be aware of some of the gun’s limitations, such as a rather lengthy reload time as well as the limited horizontal traverse to just 40° to either side of the vehicle’s horizontal axis.

However, while the G6 Rhino can bring a quick, yet untimely demise to many of its foes on the battlefield, it’s worth noting that the Rhino itself is quite susceptible to enemy fire due to its light protection. In fact, the G6 is only adequately protected to, at most, withstand direct hits from AP rounds fired from low-caliber automatic cannons. As a result, taking the G6 into the thick of the action is a risky tactic. Therefore, tankers are better advised to keep their distance to enemy units and utilize the Rhino’s excellent gun to deliver a devastating strike from a safe distance.

Yet, despite being safer to engage from a longer distance, aspiring Rhino commanders don’t necessarily need to take part in the fighting from the second lines. Commanders may also utilize the vehicle's superb mobility - a signature feature of nearly all South African combat vehicles in the game - to position themselves on the flanks and surprise slower advancing enemy forces with precise and deadly high-caliber fire. This tactic doesn’t come without its own risks, but at least commanders might have the element of surprise on their side in this scenario compared to a full frontal brawl in densely packed urban environments.

The G6 Rhino will soon make an explosive appearance in War Thunder ground battles as it arrives to the British midranks with the release of the next major update. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news as we continue sharing with you some of the highlights awaiting players in the upcoming update. Until then, happy hunting tankers!


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