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Crusader Kings III Dev Diary 129: Post Release Update Extra Content
Published by 23 May, 2023 0 likes

This Dev Diary will talk about some of the extra content coming with our next post-release update, 1. 9. 1!


The update will of course also include a ton of fixes and tweaks, as we’ve been monitoring all the ways you’ve been playing with the big 1. 9. 0 update and the Tours and Tournaments DLC. ►


Discuss Dev Diary 129 on our forums! Points of Interest​Hi everyone!


I am Daan, also known as Joror, and I am a programmer on the CK3 team.


It is I, le Joror​First off a little background info about me so we’re no longer strangers: I have worked at Paradox for over five years, and in a couple of different roles.


First in our online department (DevOps) as a software engineer and Developer Relations specialist, then as a Clausewitz Engine programmer and tech lead, and finally I have been working in the CK3 team as a programmer!


Before joining Paradox I also dabbled in making mods and modding tools for Paradox games - which has helped me a lot in understanding how the games work from the outside, before moving to the inside.


I am Dutch, like cats, fancy beers, the occasional Goth party, game-jamming, and in general games of all varieties!


Resurrecting Darlings​Making games is hard - it is a space where ideas are easy, but time is short, and success is measured by a graspable but fickle thing called ‘fun’.


So when developing, we design, build, evaluate, and cut. Many ideas fall by the wayside during each of those steps, including some personal darlings.


Often not because the ideas are bad, but because there is not enough time, or they would be too risky, or… one of many other reasons.


Luckily, we also bake various ways into our process that give us space for personal agency and creativity! And one such way is PDT - Personal Development Time.


This is dedicated time in our busy schedule where every developer can work on improving their skills in an area of their choice.


And (after checking with leads) we can also work towards adding ‘darling’ features or ‘pet peeve’ fixes that can make it into the game. The “Points of Interest” travel system is such a feature!


It’s also the reason why it is in a post-release update. Of course, it is not just a one person effort.


Lovely icons and GUI elements were added by a crafty Artist, code was reviewed by discerning Programmers, the user experience checked for consistency and purpose by a UX Designer, its rewards evaluated for balance by a Game Designer, the end product tested by perceptive QA, while being supported by a whole range of other disciplines that make the work environment organized and smooth.


A Travel Carrot: Points of Interest​While working on Tours and Tournaments, one of the main systems I was involved in was the Travel system.


For a little dev-insight, this is what route planning looked like early on in the process:A screenshot of an early state of development of travel route planning, with different colors and icons.

We added Danger as one of the main ‘friction’ mechanics of travel, where players get to make planning decisions and have reasons to change their route.

But Danger is mostly a ‘Stick’ - a punishment if you will - and it would be nice to have a ‘Carrot’ as well - a positive reason to change your route!


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