Stellaris DD268 - Toxoids are Among Us, What's Next?

Stellaris DD268 - Toxoids are Among Us, What's Next?
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Hello scavengers!

This week marks the launch of the Toxoids Species Pack in all its poisonous goodness, with many quests undertaken, debris fields scavenged, planets relentlessly industrialized, and an uncountable number of leaders dead from old age at the ripe old age of childbirth.

We hope you've been enjoying it. What's New in 3. 5. 2 Fornax?

Today we have a small hotfix for a couple of problems that immediately arose.

3. 5. 2 "Fornax" Patch Notes:Show DetailsWe'll be continuing to watch your feedback for things that may go into a possible 3. 5. 3 in a few weeks. What's New in 3. 6 Orion?

What, already? Can't you give them a week or two with what we have before starting the future dev diaries?

OK, fine. We'll save most of it for a little while.

Next week we can have CheerfulGoth's talk about Space Whales, after which Caligula Caesar can then tell them about the new Galaxy Shapes or the Spiritualist Federation planned for Orion.

Then Alfray Stryke, Gruntsatwork, and I will talk about the potential Ascension Path changes, Combat Balance work, and the Orion Open Beta.

We'll of course have to include a disclaimer about how some of those latter changes Alfray Stryke, Gruntsatwork, and I are working on are planned for Orion, but could get delayed or even removed entirely if the Open Beta feedback indicates that's the correct move.

Okay, so what can we give them today? There's this: Toxoids Discord Dev Q&A Transcript!

Thanks to everyone that came and asked questions! We'll see you next week with CheerfulGoth's tales of the Tiyanki.

Until then, stay toxic!


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