Resident Evil Village получила фанатский VR-мод

Назад в деревню: Resident Evil Village получила фанатский VR-мод
Опубликовано 16 Май, 2022 0 likes

A user named Praydog, who has created fan-made VR mods for Resident Evil in the past, has also made it to the Village.

The novelty was appreciated by the authors of the Eurogamer YouTube channel, who were delighted with what they saw - the mod supports VR motion controllers, allowing you to dive deeper into the project. As an example, players were shown about 40 minutes of gameplay from the original.

Particularly amusing support for controllers showed itself in the Village prologue, allowing little Rosemary, the daughter of the protagonist Ethan, to be twisted in all directions. The baby can be “patted on the head”, taken with one hand, and the like – the author even managed to dip it in the sauce from the table.

Exploring the village itself from the game has also become more creepy and intense, and local "screamers" are now able to scare much more. The presentation ended at a meeting with Lady Dimitrescu, who also impressed the author, although for other reasons that made him “blush”.

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