Survival Evolved postponed until October and revised prices

Survival Evolved postponed until October and revised prices
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Wildcard Studio has announced the postponement of the release date of the ARK: Survival Evolved remaster. The developers couldn't cope with the engine and had to postpone the game until October.

Initially, the updated version was supposed to be released in August, but the team needed more time to familiarize themselves with Unreal Engine 5.

Wildcard planned to present a remaster of ARK: Survival Evolved complete with ARK 2 pre-order, but later changed her mind.

In the spring, it was reported that the game will be released with the subtitle Survival Ascended and will be sold separately for $ 60. At the same time, the studio decided to postpone ARK 2 to 2024.

However, the developers have revised the pricing policy again.

Due to the transfer, some additions will be released after the release of the remaster, so Survival Ascended will be released at a reduced price. The basic version will cost players $ 45.

In addition, a small discount is waiting for buyers at the release — it will be possible to purchase the project for $ 40.

It is important to note that in October Survival Ascended will be released in early access, while a full release is scheduled for the end of 2024.

The servers of the original game will close on September 30.


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