Perfect Dark for Xbox Series X|S is still at an early stage of creation

Perfect Dark for Xbox Series X|S is still at an early stage of creation
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The announcing trailer for the relaunch of Perfect Dark from The Initiative studio, shown at The Game Awards 2020, could clarify little about the game, and this is not surprising.

As it turned out, the video was created and released even before the developers decided on the gameplay core of the project.

According to the IGN publication, referring to the words of the developer who worked in the team in 2020, when the debut trailer for the new Perfect Dark was released, The Initiative "has not even thought through the basic game mechanics" of the title yet.

In addition, the video itself was "very far ahead of the game itself", since then it was at the initial stage of production.

A lot of time has passed since then, but you should not expect news on the project in the near future.

Several developers involved in Perfect Dark told IGN that even after three years, the game is still "in the very early stages" of creation.

According to the same sources, the project is at a distance of "at least two to three years" from release. In other words, the release will take place no earlier than 2025-2026.

The delays of Perfect Dark, according to IGN, are due to the fact that the project faced "obstacle after obstacle" from the very beginning.

The tense partnership with the technical support studio Certain Affinity, the pandemic, technological problems, the outflow of valuable personnel and unclear instructions from the management kept the game in limbo for a long time.

In 2021, when Crystal Dynamics joined the project, it was decided to switch to Unreal Engine 5 and actually start all over again.

The work has moved forward, and in 2022 Perfect Dark received a "solid foundation". However, a lot remains to be done.

The game is being created for the Xbox Series X|S and PC and was previously described by the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Bootie, as a cross between "The Bourne Identity" and "James Bond".


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