MIR4 New measure for Bot removal from Hidden Valleys

MIR4 New measure for Bot removal from Hidden Valleys
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In the past several weeks, we have incorporated various measures to remove, restrict, and prevent negative effects resulting from the use of unwarranted programs including bots and cheat programs.

Through our anti-cheat software, we have banned more than 1.1M accounts to this day and we will continue our efforts to eliminate such threats while providing our players with a safe and fair gaming environment.

There are, however, loop-hole cases that are not directly associated with flagged programs. Certain bot usage, including multi-boxing, falls into this category.

We have adopted a new measure which conducts Turing tests to determine specific factors that hinder automated bots from achieving certain goals in game. Behavioral traits of such bots converge on one commonality, a lack of content completion outside of the main quest chain.

Acknowledging that the main purpose of bots currently revolves around Darksteel mining and by focusing on this pivotal factor, we have modified Hidden Valley access requirements to make it significantly difficult for automated bots to complete while keeping it reasonable for the general player base.

Hidden Valley Requirement Changes

  • Bicheon Valley(2~4F) - Conquest - Holy Shrine Stage 3
  • Snake Valley(1~4F) - Conquest - Portal Stage 6
  • Redmoon Valley(1-4F) - Character Level 75

※Hidden Valley access requirements will be modified through the next scheduled server maintenance. (October 19, 2021)

We expect this change will impact our in-game environment positively in the coming days. As we move forward with this new game context-embedded Turing Test measure in place, we will continue to monitor abnormal behaviors in game and always be ready to add or modify game contents to counter abusers in the future.

In line with our well-known phrase, “From my battle to our war”

You are not alone; we are with you all the way in the fight against abusers and bots.


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