New in SMITE | The Season of Souls

New in SMITE | The Season of Souls
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Welcome one and all to the third season of SMITE's Year 10 - The Season of Souls!


The Deities of SMITE continue to face adversity as the Battleground of the Gods suddenly sinks into the Underworld, crashing down besides the River Styx.


In the confusion, we find Anubis and Maui being guided by none other than the Styx Ferryman himself - Charon!


Will he be able to help guide the lost souls of the Battleground back to where they belong?


With a new Conquest map, game-wide Item Changes, and a brand new ColorForge Dye system - The Season of Souls has arrived! The Season of Souls Conquest MapThe Season of Souls Conquest Map has arrived!


The Battleground of the Gods has changed dramatically as it sunk into the Depths of the Underworld.


There are giant skeletons littering the map, a dark swirling vortex of clouds above, and many other new changes. Make sure to log-in and check them all out!


A Colorful new Event has arrived on the Battleground - ColorForge: Prism of SoulsArriving with the Season of Souls is a new event called ColorForge: Prism of Souls!


This Event showcases a new technology designed and built from the ground-up in SMITE; The Dye System! You can collect a variety of "Dyes" that can be applied to any of the ColorForge skins.


Using a Dye on a ColorForge skin will change its color-scheme, and even the colors of the Skins FX! Make sure to get all of the ColorForge skins and Dyes with this new event!

New Battle Pass - Dark Dominion! You will also find a new Battle Pass with the Season of Souls - The Dark Dominion Battle Pass!

With a variety of dark and demonic new skins, grab it now and earn those levels!

New God SkinsAlpha Pack FenrirSpicy Ra-Men RaAngel of Chaos CthulhuLittle Charmer CupidNational Treasure UllrHot Rod Racer SolDemonic Blade King ArthurSoul Hammer VulcanShadow Spawn LokiRuby Ravager ChernobogThe Season of Souls has arrived and the changes are HUGE!

Game-wide balance, new Glyphs in the Item Store, the Dye System, and even more!

We are excited to share all of this with the Community, and we can't wait to see what you think of all of this incredible new content. See you all on the Battleground!


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