Forspoken has undergone radical changes in the development process

Forspoken has undergone radical changes in the development process
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The developers of Forspoken have moved away from the original concept of the game as much as possible during its production — there is practically nothing left of the original vision.

Alex Donaldson, a game critic and owner of the RPG Site, told about this with reference to his sources.

The journalist did not go into details, but noted that the most radical changes began after the departure of game designer Hajime Tabata from the studio Luminous Productions, who had previously led the development of Final Fantasy XV.

According to Donaldson, many games undergo various changes in the development process, but the case of Forspoken can be called "extreme".

"Sources say that the initial idea cannot be considered in the final game. This happens with different projects in the development process, but the case with Forspoken is quite extreme.

It's like everything was twisted through a meat grinder." Donaldson believes that some elements could have gotten better, while others have degraded.

Judging by the reaction on the web, it seems to him that the developers have been trying to form a unique identity of the game for a long time, but they did not do it very well in the end.

Square Enix marketers did not provide the RPG Site with a preliminary key on Forspoken, so on January 23, the publication did not publish its review.

Recall that Forspoken was coolly received by journalists. Her average rating on Metacritic fell short of 7 out of 10.

Before leaving Luminous Productions and Square Enix, Hajime Tabata said that his team's new game was being created with a foundation for becoming a franchise worthy of standing on a par with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

Whether the publisher will now want to continue Forspoken is too early to say.


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