Miasma Chronicles Review

Miasma Chronicles Review
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Three years after the complete failure of Corruption 2029, the creators of the fantastic adaptation of the board game Mutant Year Zero presented a new adventure with elements of TBS in the original universe of the American post-apocalypse.

This time, The Bearded Ladies were clearly inspired by the world of Fallout, not forgetting about the successful elements of their past works.

100 years have passed since the global catastrophe that destroyed America.

Now the desert spaces of prosperous states are dominated by mutants generated by a miasma — a technological parasite that turns swamp frogs into bloodthirsty cannibals, and ordinary trees into cruel predators.

The young guy Elvis, the main character of the story, working in tandem with the robot miner Diggs, is trying to curb the miasma whirlwinds with the help of a high-tech glove and penetrate the impregnable wall where his beloved mother is hiding.

But the path to the parent is not easy. First, Elvis and his metal brother will have to find the streams of miasma, absorb them and strengthen the glove.

Combining elements of adventure and turn-based strategy, Miasma Chronicles successfully tells a fascinating story of the sad future of destroyed America.

Starting with simple training tasks, the game gradually increases the pressure, twisting the difficulty slider to the fullest.

It would seem that here it is a pleasant gaming pain and a real paradise for a hardcore audience, but the devil, as always, is hidden in the details.

Before launching a new adventure, the authors suggest choosing a difficulty level and a tactical mode.

The difficulty can be changed later during the campaign, but the advanced or simplified mode will stay with you until the very end, giving you joy or complete disappointment.


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