Nobody - The Turnaround Out Now!

Nobody - The Turnaround Out Now!
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Dear players, We are very very excited to be able to present Nobody - The Turnaround to you. After two years’ intense development, it’s finally time for us to launch the game on Steam!

We truly hope that you will be able to experience the sweetness and warmth of life in this less glamorous neighborhood where life actually happens.

We have done our best to test the game and fix bugs before launch, but truth be told, it’s really difficult for us to eliminate all the problems within such a short time.

If you have encountered any problems during gameplay, please submit the bug reports or your suggestions through the [Feedback] section inside our game or contact us via Discord ( https://discord.

gg/xHcPPwNGdV ). And it might take some time for us to fix all the problems, we sincerely ask for your patience and understanding.

We are a small indie game studio with fewer than 20 members, but our goal is ambitious, hoping to provide more game content for everyone and make "Nobody - The Turnaround" a fun game with much replayability.

On top of that, we are also trying to keep updating more stuff into the game to make the gaming experience more immersive.

In this process, we need everyone's valuable suggestions, feedback, and time to develop and optimize the game, please witness the growth of "Nobody - The Turnaround" with us.

We can’t thank you enough for your support and passion for the game! Let’s meet in the world of “Nobody - The Turnaround”!

-------------- Further Explanation of the Game ------------We’d also like to use this opportunity to do some further introduction of our game mechanics.

1. Management simulatorThe underlying game logic is management simulation, as more content will be unlocked gradually through game progression.

"You" need to work to cater your needs for clothing, food, housing, transportation etc. , and finally strive for success.

We have tried to take real life into account and implement the actual wages and price of consumables into the game.

But this will force players to grind, which is definitely not something we are aiming for.

Instead, we hope to make the game feel more like a condensed life - the character growth will be much faster and “your” mood swings will be a bit more dramatic.

We can't restore the actual life in the game, but we are hoping to create a fun and immersive game for all of you. It’s possible that 100 in-game days will be simulating decades in life.

Therefore the durability of some consumables in the game will also decline relatively quickly.

2. Role-playingOur game's is in a typical form of an RPG, and our third-person perspective allows the player to switch between "empathy" and "thinking outside the box, " which is what we do best in terms of development capabilities.

(And truth be told, this also saves some budget. ) 3.

A mini-open worldThe game's map adopts the open world construction design, players can reach anywhere, without limitation of character levels or story plots (but of course, except for the first 10 days of tutorial in the first story mode), which leaves the game more space for further expansion.

And our open-world map design is also more in line with real-life situations. We can't make it as realistic and free as the open world of 3A masterpieces yet.

But we will keep updating, so that you will be able to do more. 4.

The narrative timelineThis is for us the most difficult part of the game development.

To make the story more realistic, we need to use the timeline to drive the story, even if an open-world design is adopted.

When different events occur, your character could be in any random state, at any location, doing unpredictable actions, which may lead to some unexpected bugs.

In most open world games, as long as you do not trigger the tasks in specific places, the incidents won’t actually happen to you.

But this is very different from real life, because in life, we are driven by time in most scenarios.

Whether it's a debt to pay, a sick mom to tend to, or some unexpected lucky incidents, they will happen no matter what.

To make the story more immersive and plausible, we have done our best to eliminate unreasonable situations and create a sense of pressure with a carefully tweaked timeline.

The story branching structure may not be as complex as CRPG, but we hope to lead you onto a journey that is both touching and unforgettable. 5.

Mini-gamesFinally, most of the job and entertainment gameplay is composed of mini-games.

Ring toss, shooting balloons, dancing on the square with the aunties, claw machines, Xiangqi (Chinese chess), darts, Mahjong, and even some original strategy games!

We hope you would really enjoy these mini-games and have fun in our game. Please rest assured that we will do our best to improve the game experience for you.

Our current priority is to fix all the bugs that will affect the gameplay. And we’ll be posting our update plans for Early Access.

Please stay tuned! Many thanks!


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