The release of the game "Peppa Pig: Around the World" took place

The release of the game "Peppa Pig: Around the World" took place
Published by 17 Mar, 2023 0 likes

Publisher Outright Games and developers from Petoons Studio presented the release trailer of the adventure game "Peppa Pig: Around the World".

A new part of the adventures of Peppa Pig and her friends based on the popular animated series for preschoolers is already available on all major gaming platforms at a price of $ 40.

Players will travel around the world with visits to New York, Paris, Australia, London and other interesting places.

The project offers the opportunity to create your own character and go with Peppa Pig to explore the world, which includes arranging your own home, completing tasks, mini-games and much more.

According to the creators, the game contains many features that make it accessible to the youngest players, including a tutorial at the beginning, an intuitive menu and narration, as well as easy-to-learn mechanics that require the same controller buttons so that children can easily learn them.

The previous game based on the animated series - "My Friend Peppa Pig" - was released in the fall of 2021. At the beginning of 2022, she received a nextgen patch.


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